2003-04 Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipients

Tai Baucom
Winston-Salem State University
Using Computer Animation to Simulate Mars Rover Exploration
Toni Chagolla
Aqueous Diffusion Rates (ADR): The Effects of a Reduced Gravity Environment
Robie Goins
Aerospace Safety and Human Factors for KC-135
Freddrick Morrow
NC A&T State
Autonomous Cooperating Robots
Brian Mosher
NC State
Research of High Strength Silica Dioxide Aerogels
Joseph Peterson
NC State
Modeling of Micro-Combustion Systems for Aided Design and Optimization Protocol
Porsche Williamson
NC A&T State
Wireless Radio Location (WRL) System Development Project

2003-04 Graduate Research Fellowships Recipients

Miles Blanton
UNC-Chapel Hill
The Structure and Energetics of Radio Loud Galaxies and Quasars
Michael Camerino
NC State
Real Time Localization Using Fiber Optic Seasons
Tracy Ann DuVall
Prediction of Airplane Interior Acoustics Using Energy-Intensity Boundary Elements
Paul Klenk
Analysis of Hypervelocity Launch Parameters for Single-Stage-to-Orbit
Rachel King
NC State
Adaptive Aerodynamiics for Future Aircraft
Jennifer Price
NC State
Closed-Loop Flow Control on a UAV for Optimum Flight Performance
Celeste Yeates
UNC-Chapel Hill
Identification and Analysis of Combination Frequencies of ZZ Ceti Stars

2003-04 Workforce Development Internship Recipients

Kris Stanton
Undergraduate - UNC-Pembroke
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography
Rebecca Israelnaim
Undergraduate - NC State
NASA/Langley Research Center
HECS Wing Project NASA Morphing Program
Nakidra Haynes
Undergraduate - Winston-Salem State
NASA/Glenn Research Center
Visualization and Imaging in 3D Simulation
Emily Pulley
Undergraduate - NC State
NASA/Kennedy Space Center
Ground-Based Evaluation of the Water Onset Nutrient
Adam Amar
Undergraduate - NC State
NASA/Langley Research Center
Inlet-Isolator Interactions in Dual-Mode Scramjet Engines
Antonio Underdue
Graduate - UNC-Charlotte
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Designing a Control System to Control and Monitor Spacecrafts from Command Centers
Sean Angermuller
Graduate - NC State
NASA/Langley Research Center
Parameter Identification of a Twin Rotor UAV
Lewis Winstead
Graduate - Winston-Salem State
NASA/Langley Research Center
Information Technology Security
Michael Schoen
Graduate - NC State
NASA/Langley Research Center
Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Scramjets
William Barnwell
Graduate - NC State
NASA/Langley Research Center
Full Scale Wind Tunnel Testing of Distributed Actuation & Sensing on a Flying Wing