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Commercial Crew Milestones Met; Partners on Track for Missions in 2017 - Wed, 27 May 2015 13:56 EDT

NASA has taken another step toward returning America’s ability to launch crew missions to the International Space Station from the United States in 2017.

NASA Begins Testing Mars Lander in Preparation for Next Mission to Red Planet - Wed, 27 May 2015 13:30 EDT

Testing is underway on NASA’s next mission on the journey to Mars, a stationary lander scheduled to launch in March 2016.

Astronaut Available to Discuss First, Next 50 Years of Spacewalking - Wed, 27 May 2015 13:21 EDT

NASA astronaut and veteran spacewalker Mike Foreman is available to discuss with media the dramatic history and exciting future of spacewalking live via satellite from the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA Brings Science of Space Down to Earth for 2015 World Science Festival - Tue, 26 May 2015 18:10 EDT

From mega space telescopes to space navigation, NASA is bringing a variety of interactive, hands-on activities and exhibits to the more than 100,000 visitors who will attend this year’s World Science Festival in New York Wednesday, May 27 through Sunday, May 31.

NASA Television to Air U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony May 30 - Tue, 26 May 2015 16:53 EDT

NASA Television will provide live coverage of the 2015 U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame induction ceremony at 2 p.m. EDT on Saturday, May 30. The ceremony will take place at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction in Florida.

NASA Sets New Launch Window for Supersonic Vehicle Test - Tue, 26 May 2015 14:29 EDT

The second flight test of NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) now will launch no earlier than 12:30 p.m. EDT (7:30 a.m. HST) Tuesday, June 2, from the U.S. Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) on Kauai, Hawaii. NASA Television coverage will begin at 1 p.m. EDT (7 a.m. HST).

NASA’s Europa Mission Begins with Selection of Science Instruments - Tue, 26 May 2015 13:52 EDT

NASA has selected nine science instruments for a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, to investigate whether the mysterious icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life.

Space Station Module Relocation Makes Way for Commercial Crew Spacecraft - Fri, 22 May 2015 14:48 EDT

The International Space Station Program will take the next step in expanding a robust commercial market in low-Earth orbit when work continues Wednesday, May 27, to prepare the orbiting laboratory for the future arrival of U.S. commercial crew and cargo vehicles. NASA Television will provide live coverage of the activity beginning at 8 a.m. EDT.

NASA TV to Air Announcement of Instruments for Europa Mission - Thu, 21 May 2015 16:31 EDT

NASA will announce on Tuesday, May 26, the selection of science instruments for a mission to Europa, to investigate whether Jupiter’s icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life.

Critical NASA Research Returns to Earth Aboard U.S. SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft - Thu, 21 May 2015 12:43 EDT

SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 12:42 p.m. EDT Thursday with almost 3,100 pounds of NASA cargo from the International Space Station, including research on how spaceflight and microgravity affect the aging process and bone health.