Fellowship and Scholarship Program Reporting Guidelines

As part of the award conditions all NC Space Grant Fellows and Scholars are required to submit a final report. If you have any questions concerning this report or your award please do not hesitate to contact us at scholarships@ncspacegrant.org

  • Reports should be submitted electronically to scholarships@ncspacegrant.org
  • Due Date:
    • Summer awards: August 1st
    • Academic year awards: March 1st 
  • The final increment of your award will not be released until this and all other previously designated documentation has been received.

Report guidelines

The guidelines for this report differ with the award that you received.

Research Fellowship or Research Scholarship Award

  • Summary of research performed (2-3 pages)
  • Future plans – describe your future education and career plans. If you know where you will be working upon graduation please include this contact information.
  • Internship impact statement – please describe how participation in this program impacted your character and education.
  • Student Evaluation form (PDF) – to be completed and signed by the research mentor and discussed with and signed by the student.
  • Student Reporting form (PDF)

Undergraduate Scholarship Award

  • Describe the aero/space-related research that is being conducted on your campus. For campuses that include a significnat (10-100s) number of aero/space-related research efforts you may limit your reporting to the most signifiant efforts. This report should include at least the following:
    • General description of the aero/space-related research that is being conducted on your campus
    • The department in which the research is being conducted (include research conducted both inside and outside of your department/college)
    • Names of faculty, staff and students participating in the research
    • Names of the sponsors of the research
    • Description of how this research contributes to NASA’s mission including which of NASA’s Mission Directorates the research addresses 
  • Include 4 or more Researcher Interview Forms (PDF) - These forms should be from at least 4 different researchers working on 4 different aero/space-related research projects.
  • Describe your education and career goals and if and how they have changed in the last year.
  • Student Reporting form (PDF)


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