The application system has been re-opened for a targeted project solicitation in the areas of materials science, chemistry, software engineering, computer engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering.  Application deadline is February 19, 2014.


The NC Space Grant has partnered with LORD Corporation to establish a summer internship program to give students real-world experiences in a cutting-edge industrial setting.

LORD Corporation is a worldwide leader in adhesives and coatings, vibration and motion control, and magnetically responsive technologies. Operating from world headquarters in Cary, NC, LORD Corporation has 17 manufacturing facilities in nine countries and 90 strategically located sales and support centers worldwide.

The NC Space Grant/LORD Corporation Summer Internship Program will provide support for up to 13 undergraduate or graduate students (pursuing degrees in STEM disciplines) to participate in a 10-week internship at LORD Corporation's world headquarters campus in Cary.


Selected students will be assigned to a research project that best fits their educational experience. Each project will offer the student the opportunity to enagtge in hands-on research under the supervision of a professional mentor.

This limited application period is designed to recruit students for the following research projects:

Investigating the Effects of Inhibitors in Structural adhesives:  LORD Corporation is a global leader in the structural adhesives field.  A key component in many of the LORD structural adhesives product line is inhibitors.  These inhibitors aid in providing a longer shelf life in structural adhesives.  They also affect other properties in the adhesive that are not as well understood as shelf life.  The intern will interact with Structural Adhesive Technology scientists to prepare adhesive formulations using several inhibitors and to test various properties of the adhesives to determine the overall affect of the inhibitors.  The ultimate goal will be to use the knowledge gained to better understand how inhibitors change these properties in structural adhesive formulations and incorporate this knowledge in future projects.  The position is for a driven and team oriented student in the Material Science or Chemistry disciplines.

Software Development/Verification Assignment:  For this assignment, the engineering intern will provide technical assistance to a the Software Development Engineering team working on advanced algorithms and simulations for Active Vibration Control Systems for Rotary Wing aircraft.  While assisting the engineering team during various phases of product development, the candidate will develop both technical skills in the area of embedded software development as well as communication, troubleshooting, and teamwork skills.  Assignments will include a variety of tasks associated with developing software requirements, writing code, integrating and verifying that code on a test setup.  Although not typical, other tasks could include those pertaining to hardware integration, system test, and/or test equipment development.  Work will be done both individually and/or with their peers, mainly in a lab environment. The products being developed are currently seeking FAA/EASA certification and as such, the candidate will gain valuable exposure to the DO-178 software certification process.

Aerospace Active Vibration Control Systems: LORD is the leader in the area of active vibration control systems for aircraft.  We wish to maintain our leadership position in this area through targeted R&D programs.  The successful candidate will participate in such a program.  Activities may entail component or system testing, test rig development, algorithm development and tuning and flight test preparation.


The NC Space Grant/Lord Corporation Summer Internship Program is open to current 2012-13 undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a STEM degree program at one of the NC Space Grant's Affiliate universities.

Each applicant must submit an ONLINE APPLICATION.The deadline for this limited submission is February 19, 2014; supporting documentation due February 21, 2014. Submission instructions are provided on the application.

Applications will be reviewed by NC Space Grant staff and Lord Corporation project researchers. The review committee will examine a number of criteria including academic achievement, resume, and reference. The review committee will invite candidates for interviews.


The total value of the NC Space Grant/Lord Corporation Summer Internship Program is $9,500 per student. Students will be paid a stipend of $7,000 by Lord Corporation. NC Space Grant will provide $2,500 for living expenses.

Selected students will be treated as Lord Corporation employees. As such, students will be asked to sign intellectual and non-disclosure agreements for Lord.

To ensure that all award requirements are met, selected students will be required to sign an acceptance letter. Furthermore, students will be required to submit a brief final report that describes the impact of the internship on their educational and professional goals.


Q: What are the eligibility requirements?
A: Any student may apply as long as they meet the following requirements:
Q: If I am selected as a Summer Intern, what are my obligations?
A: The Intern's responsibilities are to:
Q: Will I be guaranteed a job when I graduate?

A: No, but with the increasing shortage of professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math related fields, there will be a strong demand for a highly skilled workforce.

Q: How many interns will be selected?

A: The NC Space Grant/ LORD Summer Internship program is highly competitive. Up to 13 internships will be chosen for Summer 2014.


Questions regarding this announcement should be directed to Jobi Cook, Associate Director of the NC Space Grant, at or (919) 515-5933.