2004-05 Undergraduate Research Scholarships Recipients

William Engler
NC State University, Aerospace Engineering
The NASA Tumbleweed Rover
Charlene Locklear
UNC-Pembroke, Chemistry & Physics
Fluids in O-g (EOG): A Study of the Mixing Properties of Fluids and Enzyme Acitivity in Reduced Gravity
Joseph Estevez
NC Central University, Physics
Investigation of Isomer States in Heavy Nuclei for Potential Energy Source for Interstellar Space Journey: Excitation Studies of the Th-229 Isomer at the Duke University Free Electron (FEL) Facility"
Danielle Goode
NC A&T State University, Electronics & Computer Technology
Water Vapor Profiling Using a Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver
Luke Davis
NC State University, Mechanical Engineering
Development and Analysis of a New Ultra Lightweight High Strength Metallic Matrix Composite

2004-05 Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

Michael Hunter
Duke University, Mechanical Engineering
Nonlinear Techniques Used for Buckling Predictions in Slender Members with Applications to Space Structures
Rebecca Israelnaim
NC State University, Aerospace Engineering
Wind Tunnel Study of an Adaptive Wing
Christopher Murphy
NC A&T State University, Mechanical Engineering (Materials & Structures)
Analyzing & Improving Electro-Active Paper Sensors & Actuators
Matthew Fleenor
UNC-Chapel Hill, Physics & Astronomy
Large-Scale Structure in the Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster
Travis Garrett
NC A&T State University, Physics
Modeling Massive Black Hole Mergers for LISA
Leroy Calder
UNC-Charlotte, Electrical Engineering
Use of Moderate Inversion Design Techniques for Micropower & Low Noise Data Converter Design
Sid Becker
NC State University, Mechanical Engineering
Numerical Modeling of Bioconvection in Microgravity & Reduced Gravity Conditions
Saeed Nojavan
NC State University, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Electromagnetic Waves
Celeste Yeates
UNC-Chapel Hill, Physics & Astronomy
Uncovering Low Amplitude Combination Frequencies in ZZ Ceti Stars

2004-05 Workforce Development Internship Recipients

Jeff Jones
Duke University , Mechanical Engineering
Goddard Student Internship Program
Kevin Mabie
NC Central, Computer & Mathematics
Computational Modeling of Nuclear Isomer States in Heavy Nuclei
Jefferson Laboratory-Free Electron Laser Facility, Newport News , VA
Stephen Rawson
Duke University , Mechanical Engineering
SSAI, NASA Goddard Aerospace Contractor
Yugapriya Sivanesan
NC State University , Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Validation of the Hybrid Mesh Generator HARPOON for High Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Engineering International Inc. (CEI), Morrisville , NC
Miles Blanton
UNC-Chapel Hill, Astronomy
Structure, Energetics & Cluster Environments of Radio-Loud Galaxies
Use of Green Bank Telescope(GBT)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV
Gafar Flamin
NC A&T State , Mechanical Engineering (Materials & Structures)
An Innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics Solver Based on the Original Form of the Conservation Laws for Fluid Flows
NASA Langley Research Center
Patrick Keistler
NC State, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Scramjets
NASA Langley Research Center
Keshia Leach
UNC-Charlotte, Electrical Computer Engineering
Performance of Analysis of Independent Component Analysis and Kalman Filtering in the Presence of Noise and Deterministic Disturbances
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Keith McDaniel
NC State, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Development of Flamelet Models for Supersonic Combustion
NASA Langley Research Center
John Shelton
NC A&T State , Mechanical Engineering (Materials & Structures)
Analyzing & Improving Electro-Active Paper Sensors & Actuator/ Stiffnesses of Bio-inspired Membranes
NASA Langley Research Center

2004-05 Community College Transition Scholarship Recipients

Kenneth Bowen
NC State University , Civil Engineering
Lenoir Community College
David Driscoll
NC State University , Aerospace Engineering
Lenoir Community College