2003-04 Faculty Award Recipients

Dr. Tarek Echekki, North Carolina State University
“Development of a Prototype Microcombuster for Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Applications”

Dr. Silvia Farrari, Duke University
“Modeling of Distributed Space-Based Science”

Dr. Linda Franzoni, Duke University
“A Novel Boundary Element Approach for the Prediction of Aircraft Interior Noise”

Dr. Ola Harrysson, North Carolina State University
“Electron Beam Solid Freeform Fabrication of Titanium and Aluminum Alloys”

Dr. Ivan Howitt, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
 “Low Cost and Low Energy Wireless Sensor Arrays for Planetary Exploration”

Dr. Robert Li, North Carolina A&T State University
“Multispectral Classification of Satellite Images Using Adaptive Neural Network”

Dr. Kai Wang, North Carolina Central University
“Theoretical Studies of Thermophysical Properties of High Temperature Ceramic Materials”

Dr. Timothy Ritter, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
“Mixing Properties of Fluids in a Reduced Gravity Environment”

Higher Education
Dr. Stefan Seelecke, North Carolina State University
“Integrating Micro Air Vehicle Design into a Course on Adaptive Structures”

K-12 Education
Dr. William Craft, North Carolina A&T State University and (joint)
Dr. Fred DeJarnette, North Carolina State University
“A Summer Space Sciences Workshop Program for North Carolina Teachers”

Dr. M. Ronen Plesser, Duke University
“Kids in Space:  Enhancing Science Education through Astronomy”


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