NC Space Grant: Bringing NASA to North Carolina

Graduating Students

The NC Space Grant is a consortium of academic institutions that have gathered together to promote, develop, and support aeronautics and space-related science, engineering, and technology education and training in North Carolina. Partnering with NASA, industry, non-profit organizations, and state government agencies, NC Space Grant conducts programs that are designed to equip the current and future aero/space workforce in North Carolina.1




NC Space Grant Sending Astronauts Into Space  


NASA recently selected former NC Space Grant student scholar Zena Cardman to join its 2017 class of 12 astronaut candidates. More than 18,300 students applied for NASA’s exclusive, two-year training program, which prepares participants to become full astronauts and qualify for spaceflight missions. As an undergraduate and master’s student in Marine Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill, Cardman was awarded two North Carolina Space Grant fellowships. Each fellowship helped her gain experience with NASA analog missions, such as the Pavilion Lake Research Project in British Columbia, preparing her for a future flight assignment.

“Space Grant opened up a world of collaboration and exploration for me and was my first connection to NASA. Their continued support through funding and mentorship made so much of my field work possible over the years.”  Zena Cardman, former NC Space Grant Undergraduate Research Scholar and Graduate Research Fellow 





North Carolina Space Grant is a NASA
sponosored program administered by
North Carolina State University.